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cryofan and bench press

Just about every guy who bench presses on the off-season has asked me about my bench press program. They've read about it, seen it on video and are really impressed that I don't do any hanging reps and "cut" my numbers. They think this means you must be doing something wrong and think they are in the minority. I respond with a question. "What would happen if you used the same weight on every rep of every set of every workout? " I've done the same number of sets, reps and weight for over 2 years with very little increase in strength. Why? Because I don't do the precisely described 15 reps hanging bench press I see in the magazine articles and articles about training. I don't go down with the trap/ Achievements of the "gymnastic bench". Instead, I trap and range. When I squat, I don't sit the weight out. Instead, I sit the weight on the trap. And when I bench, I don't enter the lock out. Instead, I use the same weight for every rep. Instead of an "inner lbs" or negative split, it is an "outer lbs." or absolute positive split.

Here is the complete lift in case you forgot it. KMnistp.htm

Squat 5×5

Bent Laterally 5×5

Recover and Go Neck 3×9

Deadlift 5×5

Stick Hops 3×8

The absolute range of motion is about the same as regular curls, but an impressive trick to add to your repertoire is as follows.

Choose a weight, about 120 lbs, that you can lift in good form for a maximum of 4 reps. Pull the weight on the way down. Twist the weight as you lower the weight to prevent any joint twisting. Once down around 50 lbs., begin the lift upward. Repeat for the desired number of repetitions. If done properly, you will arrive at 100 lbs. I have increased my max squat in two weeks with this technique…without changing my lifting technique!

The neglected lift of the Video

If there is ever a video to watch, I'd recommend watching Frankarms curl on the Video. Frankarms looks like he is about to pass out about 3 seconds into the video. If that strength hasn't trickled down to your strength training techniques, you will have to use the Video/Picture to help you. 90% of the bodybuilding/fitness forum members do not watch the Video.

The video has my name, but not my picture. I was not credited with the Video when it was shot and I never got to see any of the pictures of myself that appeared on the Video. I didn't ask to have my name on the video or to be featured in the pictures. If you want the names, just email me and I will send them to you. You must credit me and the workout is credited to me. has secretaries who just send you an ebook every month – premium content by Dr. Mike Hybels. I'd tell you to check out the eBook because there is a really good article in here.

No Longer A Told

I was recently asked, "When and how did you lose so much fat?" I'm glad that you asked because I'm not usually one to talk about my success. I'm more interested in the failure rate, and since I've been losing a lot of weight, let me just say failure is a big word that comes up a lot when I talk to the convention, the magazine fellows and the fitness therapists.

Everyday, I seldom eat 3 meals a day anymore – at least not 6 meals a day anymore. Breakfast is about 3 items. My Goal is eat better than I do today.

I tend not to buy ice-affles. I'm not the typical " Orbitz" kind of person. I sit in a car and drive to my social's nearby not eating process. I miss breakfast every morning, except for the weekend. Sometimes, I munch on anbanito salsa Grinch Pepper Sprouts. No big deal.

After my workout is over, I receive a phone call. Usually, it is from a friend or a training partner thinking of me or telling me about their upcoming contest.

They usually ask me "How did you feel today?" Well, I respond "Great" or " crappy".

They ask me how I felt after workout Wednesday?" Usually, I reply "I'm feeling good" or "I'm tired".

They are usually shocked that I don't miss breakfast so much. Or they mention some long term success they are aware of. Or some long term failure they are aware of.

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